Online Sales

In addition to having the Indigenu Gallery in Sturt Street Adelaide, a collection of indigenous artwork is also available through Indigenu Online. Paintings are left unstretched, allowing them to be conveniently dispatched in a certified postpack tube to our valued collectors across Australia and the world. Take the time to peruse what’s available through the online shop.

Gathering Bush Tomato
Body Painting
Mud Flats
My Country
Mina Mina Dreaming
Yellow Hunting
Bush Yam
Seven Sisters
Lotus Flower
Ngura - My Country
Bush Medicine Leaves
Seven Sisters
Bush Medicine Leaves
Seven Sisters
Bush Medicine Leaves
Family Dreaming
Forever in hearts
Honey Ant Dreaming
Flying Ants
Yam Seeds in orange
Communities in APY Lands
Bush Medicine Leaf
Bush Medicine Leaves - Blue
Bush Medicine Leaf
Snake Vine
Rainbow Serpent
Medicine Leaf White and Red
Circle of Life
Bush Medicine Leaves
Floral BML
Yam Flowers in Blue
My Country
Bush Medicine Leaf
Bush Medicine Leaf - 5 points
Bush Medicine Leaves - Radaiting
Bush Onion
Bush Medicine Leaves
Body Painting in Blue
Seed Dreaming
Bush Foods
Desert Plum/Berries
Bush Tomatos
Bush Medicine Leaf
Bush Foods
Bountiful Harvest
Yam Seeds in brown
BML rosette in violet
Spirit Man
Bush Food Dreaming
Gallery Sales / Catering:
Tony Straccia
0404 149 617
131 Sturt Street,
Adelaide SA 5000
Online Art Sales:
Louisa de Vries
0425 750 415
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Indigenu respectfully acknowledges the Aboriginal people, elders and community leaders past present and future as the First Australians and custodians of their land.  We respect and celebrate their culture, languages and traditions.

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