Reconciliation Week and NAIDOC 2014

April 15th, 2014

Didgeridoo player Available for events. Joe Hayes from Central Australia is very accomplished and available for evening and weekend events. His sessional rates are $200 for attendance and playing of the instrument. He has played for that famous Aboriginal group, No Fixed address. Just contact Indigenu for this service.

Something Special for Reconciliation Week and NAIDOC 2014

April 15th, 2014

The most important icon or motif in Aboriginal paintings is that of a man and woman. It would be a wonderful thing for all people to know this significant feature.  Indigenu has had Audrey Brumby artist from Ernabella design stickers to go on bathroom doors. We at Indigenu thought it would be great to reinforce this important piece of learning. It would be an ideal way to spread the cultural message at your workplace especially supporting Reconciliation and NAIDOC activities. These stickers are available by post at $ 5.00 per set inclusive of GST , postage and an information sheet showing other important Aboriginal symbols.  A range of these will be designed periodically as there are minor variations with symbols from different groups. Email your address to to have a set posted to your workplace.

April already!

April 9th, 2014

The year marches on and dates quickly appear on your calendars. Here at Indigenu it will be a roller coaster for the next 4 months or so leading up to SALA (South australian Living Artists)  in August with a Charity event/art show on Thursday 5th June to support medical research 'The Myanmar Project and Dr Jan Douglas. Do look out for this one. Indigenu is going through some growth and changes will be noted by visitors and some new and significant pieces will be also hung. Reconciliation week is celebrated from the 27th May in 2014, the theme for National Reconciliation Week is 'Let's Walk the Talk'. Your workplace should be planning events even at this early stage. Indigenu's calendar fills quickly with artists painting at workplaces and catering requests. don't leave it too late. Then commences SALA  in August and Indigenu will proudly present an exhibition from emerging star from Yuendamu, Justinna Sims. We are both enthusiastic about working together during this period and we look forward to curating some stunning works.

UNI SA – Brookman Building

March 5th, 2014

We recently installed a collection of works at the UNI SA Brookman building on North Terrace.  Its great to be able to supply some lovely paintings to decorate the newly renovated central staircase.  Pictured below is a grand Medicine Leaf painting, by Audrey Brumby (also pictured).    It was very nice to have had Audrey there to see her artworks displayed prominently in such a grand building.  

Summer News 2014

February 18th, 2014

Firstly, we the team at Indigenu ( artists/ framers/accountants/ relief staff )thank you enormously for the wonderful ongoing support for the endeavour, Indigenu.  It is more than selling art, much much more than that. There are so many things projected for the year and it has started with some momentum. The most exciting project that is currently happening is a collection of significant works have been bought and commissioned to be installed in a major historical building in the city. We are proud to have been chosen to be a permanent part of South Australian history. Photos and more news on this event will be featured soon.

Thank you to Indigenu Melbourne for hosting Victorians and dispatching  art work throughout Australia and across the world. Further to this is, it is projected that another gallery will be established in another state and again further news later but it means so many things to the business but so much more for Aboriginal artists.

From the 1st of August through to the 28th is the SALA festival in Adelaide, it is an art feast and of course Indigenu will be involved. Indigenu will be featuring the work of two significant Aboriginal women Coral Hayes Pananka and Justinna Sims.                                                                                                                                                                                                              The Indigenu Team

They do exceptional work, have been a smash here with our collectors and are wonderful to work with. Look out for this.............more later.

As of March 1st Indigenu will be expanding thanks to the wonderful support it has received in the  first few years of operation, a bit unheard of at this time - places expanding their business. In addition to providing art, the catering work of Indigenu is gaining additional momentum too along with artist in residence programs and other cultural consultancy services. Soon to be introduced is a course around cultural sensitivity offered to professionals working with Aboriginal clients. An experienced advisor in the field will be delivering this service for Indigenu.

This is Colin Weetra, an experienced lecturer available to run Cultural Sensitivity Training to work teams around Australia.

Audrey working on a commission piece

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