Vivienne Nakamarra Kelly

November 16th, 2011

Vivienne has delivered another new work to Indigenu in the style of the people of Yuendamu.

Alice Napananka Granites

November 16th, 2011

A lively piece about women's body paintings for ceremonies in a riot of colour. Alice is the daughter of Sabrina and niece of Dr Rex granites who is a regarded custodian and leader within the community.

Both Alice and her mother both paint traditional themes in authentic tradition taught to them by their ancestors. They both have reverence and regard for stories passed onto them by their elders.  The Granites' profile as artists can be seen and understood when conducting any research on Indigenous art.
Entitled: Yurrampi
 70cm x 70cm
 Acrylic on canvas
 $225 unstretched

Indroducing Priscilla Nagamarra-Escobar

November 16th, 2011

What a find...........Priscilla is a young woman living in the area who has had a good blend of cultures as part of her upbringing. She is a very talented, creative and dynamic painter that treats traditional themes with a modern edge using a blaze of colour and embellishing with metallic features. Being neighbours it is hoped that we will form a strong and mutually beneficial partnership. ( Mantle Artwork, by Priscilla Nagamarra )

Audrey Brumby

November 16th, 2011

I am indebted to Audrey who has become the steadiest source of work for the last decade. Laughter is what connects Audrey to me and the skill, craftsmanship and regard for traditional stories and motifs is impressive. She has certainly embraced Indigenu and is continuing to produce work that is always sought and proudly hung in many homes across the world. I know i took a collection of her works to Europe and they were enthusiastically acquired. She is likely to always be regarded as the principal artist of Indigenu and it is with enormous pride that the business is branded with her bush medicine motif.

PALYA PANDA by Audrey Brumby

Indigenu, the Beginning

November 15th, 2011

After running out of wall space in Charlotte Street, it became apparent that it was time to find that next creative possibility. The direction that my life headed was toward the acquisition and sale of beautiful works from some wonderful Indigenous artists who have become friends and colleagues. I saw the Sturt Street building being constructed so impulsively I asked to have a contract drawn up for the purchase, just like they do in the movies...........but they never show you the bit where they are fighting at the bank. I suppose the bank were right as they were required to fund it all until the sale. They were very sporting however. So late in 2010 the move and transition took place and there’s been no turning back. The business ‘Indigenu’ was officially certified to practice from the 6th of January 2011. What a great opportunity to meet some really wonderful people and hear some extraordinary stories – thankyou. Tony Straccia

( Charlotte St, Gallery )

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