Cultural Consultancy



Commissioning a painting especially for your workplace

is able to have an Indigenous painter work at your workplace for a
number of hours creating a piece of work that can be kept by your
organisation. A minimum of two hours  is required for this service.
This gives your workplace colleagues an opportunity to ask questions
and see a piece of work take shape. The painting will be completed by
the contracted period ready for you to display and hang at your
workplace. A certificate of authenticity comes with the painting.
Indigenu will provide a good quality stretched canvas for the artist
to complete. A 1metre square painting would cost $450 and one

.5 metre by 1metre would be $275. Recently a painting of about 1
metre square sold at the Wine Centre on the 6th of May went for over a
thousand dollars. The artist will endeavour to paint a work that has
a theme of your choosing. While this painting is being created a
selection of Indigenous music will be playing enhancing the cultural
experience. Should the workplace only want the cultural experience
but not the painting the hourly fee would be $55 (GST inclusive)
would apply.

This activity can also be arranged to be conducted in the Indigenu gallery
space at 131 Sturt street, Adelaide and can be accompanied with some complimentary Indigenous

food tastings and a glass of wine.

The Mini Exhibition

Additionally,  Indigenu can install a mini exhibition for
staff to view, enjoy and purchase. They are displayed using Bostic removable
hooks and on easels and come with an explanation of each work. A
range of other products can also be available as part of an
exhibition and include children’s books written and signed by the painter.
They are beautiful books written in both Pitjantjatjara and English
and are of a very high quality for the 20 dollars that they cost.

Visiting Indigenu

Indigenu will be pleased to host groups for a visit to the gallery in Sturt
Street. This is a complimentary service where time will be taken to
talk about a range of paintings – their significance and story with
visitors. In addition, guests are welcome to try some
kangaroo and mountain pepper berry meatballs or some wattle seed

Other Matters


A range of products are available for your colleagues to purchase
should they with to. A significant percentage of the funds are
directed back to the artists and their families – in some instances
up to 85%) A very popular product is the mini painting on an easel
for 15 dollars – they have been a smash and are only available
through Indigenu. There are wooden clapping sticks and carved Gaonnas
for around 20 dollars, the books for 20 along with a range of works
from 50 dollars upwards.

Please email
for any inquiries regarding our cultural consultancy services.

Gallery Sales / Catering:
Tony Straccia
0404 149 617
131 Sturt Street,
Adelaide SA 5000
Online Art Sales:
Louisa de Vries
0425 750 415
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Indigenu respectfully acknowledges the Aboriginal people, elders and community leaders past present and future as the First Australians and custodians of their land.  We respect and celebrate their culture, languages and traditions.

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