Coral Hayes Pananka

Coral Hayes Panaka Arunta, Kookatha, yorta, Yorta Mutti Mutti Coral Hayes was born in the Balranald NSW to Billy Hughes (dec) and Kathleen Murray (Smith). Coral's mother was born in Mooroopna Victoria her totem is the long neck turtle from the Yorta Yorta / Mutti Mutti people which she is proud to belong to.   Coral's father was born in Alice Springs NT His totem is the green caterpillar known in Arunta as Enterengetye.  The men have different totems to the women for different reasons.   Coral's grandmother and great grandmother are spirit women from Alice Springs who were born with the totem, the eagle on the side of their leg known as Eritja their skin name is also Panaka.   Coral's grandfather's mother is a traditional woman from the Kookatha people of South Australia her totem is the emu.   Coral believes her unique painting skill comes from her father but her inspiration comes from both sides of her family.   Coral believes she paints with pride and respect of her Ancestors without them she would not have a skin name of her many totems and dreaming stories.              

Anna Petyarre

Indigenu is very proud to be visited by Anna Petyarre, a distinguished artist from Utopia, Northern Territory born in 1965 . Stephen Pitjara who paints for Indigenu, is Anna's brother. What a small world.   Anna comes from exceptional art circles, she would have seen Minnie Pwerle paint,  she is niece of Emily Kame Kngwarreye and sister of  Gloria and Jeanie Petyarre all children of Glory Ngala. Her achievements are significant and have been documented for over a decade and her work forms part of many significant collections both in Australia and across the world. Many major galleries have one of Anna's works.   Salt Lakes are found in and around her home country. Her paintings are of an aerial perspective of the land and it's surrounding country. The large circles show dried salt plains that have formed over time. Following  the heavy rains of monsoon, large water holes are created. Gradually the water evaporates leaving only the salt behind, which form the large rings represented in Anna's work. The other factors of Anna's paintings show colours of the earth found in Utopia, The rich red sand, the clay and the ochres all moving together with the contours of the land.  She is a gentle and humble woman who radiates a large, bright smile. She is committed to her stories and reproduces these into wonderful art works. COLLECTIONS/COMMISSIONS/MAJOR INSTALLATIONS Art Bank (Sydney)
  • Art Gallery of South Australia (Adelaide)
  • Powerhouse Museum (Sydney)
  • Museum & Art Gallery Northern Territory (Darwin)
  • Homes a Court Gallery and gallery Collection (Perth)
  • Art Gallery of Western Australia (Perth)
  • Queensland Art Gallery (Brisbane)
  • The Kerry Stokes Collection
  • Anthropology Art Museum Perth; also private and corporate collections in USA, Singapore, Ireland, India, Poland, Denmark and France.
Some Artwork by Anna

Lily Kelly Napangardi

Lily's achievements in her field  as an  internationally regarded and accomplished artist has been documented extensively by biographers and art collectors alike. Indigenu will prepare all relevant documents and certification for its sale. In the meantime take the time to read about her in the many, many articles, books and websites published. The  work is one of the Tali Hills Series in black and crisp white on linen. An exquisite field of movement.

Example Artwork by Lily

Nelly Patterson

An Aboriginal woman from Yalata, South Australia. She certainly appreciates the opportunity to sell a piece of work to you. She was born in 1939 and has a lifetime of stories and experiences to share and pass onto younger women of the community. Nelly has an intimate knowledge of the Seven Sisters Story - an epic Tjukurpa (creation) story in which a man, Wati Nyiru chases seven sisters across the whole of Australia, shaping the land as they go.Nelly is new to Indigenu and visited with another artist. She was enroute to do some work in Canberra at a hearing possibly relating to a land right claim so she is a social activist in addition to being a wonderful story teller through her work.

Benjamin Miller

A young Aboriginal man from Ceduna, South Australia. Benjamin visited Indigenu in late 2010 asking if they would stock his work. His quiet and calm demeanour impressed and he made a genuine effort to present himself and his work in the most favourable light. He is committed to his work and demonstrates potential to design and execute significant work.Benjamin speaks the language, Wirangu Kokotha-Pitjantjajara and from the tribe Wirangu Kokotha. His use of colour is dynamic and his technique is meticulous demonstrating a steady hand. This painting shows the richness of colour in his lands and landscapes are a common theme for paintings emanating from this region. Being from Ceduna many of the paintings from this region reflects their rich lives harvesting the sea.

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