Colin Weetra

Colin was born,  Wallaroo, in 1953, ( Nurrunga ) Colin's family was removed from their homeland from the far west of South Australia, to Poonindi and then onto Point Pearce Aboriginal Community on York Peninsula.   He has spent considerable time in central Australia in the APY lands and continue his links with community members and extended family from there.  He has traveled and worked extensively throughout Australia  particularly within Traditional Lands, and is inspired by ancient Traditional Symbols, flora, fauna and the colours and shapes of this grand land....


August 2015, Enigma, Indigenu Adelaide SA.

Joy Petyarre

Joy Petyarre (pitjara) Joy  was born in 1962,  She is a Anmatyerre speaker.  From Utopia, NT.

Stephen Pitjara Petyarre

Stephen Pitjara (Petyarre) is an Aboriginal man from Utopia, South Australia. Utopia is a major art center of renowned reputation. Clearly the skills and techniques have been handed down to Stephen, a father of two young children. He was introduced to Indigenu by Christine Brown from a nearby center. He is partnered with Bernadine, also a painter, and they have both become friends of Indigenu. As a couple they spend time developing their art and are producing working that is inspirational all based on traditional themes.     He is true to his culture and his works are reflective of this. He is confident with his work but timid as a person, often characteristic of the people. Indigenu is proud to be associated with.     Stephen and his family and looks forward to assisting him raise his artistic profile as his work is truly breathtaking.   Stephen's paintings shown below include the "fire rain", "spirit man" and "yam flower" styles.  

Artworks by Stephen

Justinna Sims Naparljari

Justinna comes from Yuendamu, NT and speaks the Walpiri language. Her artwork is highly sought after for it's dramatic black and white dot work depicting the day the big rains came and the associated songs..  The Mina Mina is a place west of Yuendumu, significant to her people who are the custodians of the dreaming that created the area.  It describes the journey of a group of selected women who traveled east gathering bush food, collecting Ngalyipi (snake vine) and performing ceremonies as they traveled.  She is the custodian of the iconography she creates and tells stories of the day the big rain came and the associated rain songs.  

Coral Hayes Pananka

Coral Hayes Panaka Arunta, Kookatha, yorta, Yorta Mutti Mutti Coral Hayes was born in the Balranald NSW to Billy Hughes (dec) and Kathleen Murray (Smith). Coral's mother was born in Mooroopna Victoria her totem is the long neck turtle from the Yorta Yorta / Mutti Mutti people which she is proud to belong to.   Coral's father was born in Alice Springs NT His totem is the green caterpillar known in Arunta as Enterengetye.  The men have different totems to the women for different reasons.   Coral's grandmother and great grandmother are spirit women from Alice Springs who were born with the totem, the eagle on the side of their leg known as Eritja their skin name is also Panaka.   Coral's grandfather's mother is a traditional woman from the Kookatha people of South Australia her totem is the emu.   Coral believes her unique painting skill comes from her father but her inspiration comes from both sides of her family.   Coral believes she paints with pride and respect of her Ancestors without them she would not have a skin name of her many totems and dreaming stories.              

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