Thank You for 2013 and our Best for 2014

So we get ready to say goodbye to 2013 - Well, I personally and professionally say that it has been a real beauty. I thank you all for the strong patronage of my business and support of Aboriginal culture, art and ultimately the real people who paint for Indigenu.

Reflecting this morning I thought about what I want when my it's time for me to move on..........for whatvere the reason. I thought it important that this business lives on well beyond me. Perhaps my sons will choose to keep it going or passed onto to someone who believes in what Indigenu is and does. I suppose it means Indigenu is like a child to me that needs to be nurtured and allowed to grow mature and ultimately make a difference.

I take this opportunity to again acknowledge the wonderful people who support Indigenu's machinations - to matty in IT, Alexi stretcher extordinaire, Sean the number cruncher who keeps me financially buoyant, Tess who steps in when I take holidays, Lulu in Indigenu-Melbourne, Morphy the photo, audio/visual man and to Glenn as well who picks me up each thursday to go to his farm and cook on his wood stove. Its a cheaper option to therapy.

I wish you all well and hope 2014 is something sensational.

Palya Tony


Anna Petyarre
Audrey Brumby
Benjamin Miller
Colin Weetra
Coral Hayes Pananka
David Thorpe and Jacinta Dixon
Joy Petyarre
Justinna Sims Naparljari
Lily Kelly Napangardi
Nelly Patterson
Priscilla Nagamarra Escobar
Stephen Pitjara Petyarre
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Indigenu respectfully acknowledges the Aboriginal people, elders and community leaders past present and future as the First Australians and custodians of their land.  We respect and celebrate their culture, languages and traditions.

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